Page Sounds

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Page Sounds started as an outlet of expression for Mexico City multi-instrumentalist and producer Carlos Metta. In a short time, it has evolved into a well thought musical concept with a talented band that delivers powerful sounds and raw emotion on record and on stage. There is always a sense of movement and sonic wanderlust in their songs, only pleased with the constant renewal in styles and instrumentation. The result is music that has no nationality or genre. It builds it own identity.

Early in the project, Metta developed a creative partnership with Teddy Nanes. They collaborated closely with many musicians around the world for their debut album Burning Feet (2014) which was co-produced with PYL Records in-house producer, Pablo Carvallo. Burning Feet combines field recordings, middle eastern percussions and heavy electronic beats, counterpointed with piano riffs and introspective lyrics. It’s an eclectic and sometimes schizophrenic record that goes from simple to baroque, from pop to ethnic and from anger to hope.

A few months after the release, Metta and Nanes were joined by Luis Sokol (bass), Andrés Kahan (Drums / percussions) and Daniel Sissa (wind instruments and ukulele) to form Page Sounds’ first ever band line-up. Together, they not only play the many arrangements and notes on the record, but take them one step further to actually give the songs life of their own.






Moonatic is a band that is not out just to play well, but to express things that go way beyond the limits of a pop song. Their music is unpredictable and challenges the short attention span of modern day consumption. Just when you think you know where a song is headed, in comes a silence, chord or time change that throws you to a completely new landscape and leaves you with the feeling that anything can happen from then on.

Their debut album Another Sky is an intricate masterpiece in which rock riffs, folk melodies, jazz grooves and experimental noises blend in perfectly to create a beautiful atmospheric sound. It has been praised by several music publications in Mexico, United States and Brazil. While reviewing the album, Warp Magazine called Moonatic “one of the most promising bands in the Mexican scene”.

Moonatic took a chance to release Another Sky as a One Track Album so the public could experiment the production on a complete and different level. Once it achieved prestige in the media, they decided to release each song separately, now available in every platform. Another Sky will make you struggle to catch breath one moment and achieve absolute peace the next.