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Hanging Valleys flourished from the creative genius of Thom Byles, who for several years wrote beautiful songs using a guitar and his voice. As his style developed and began exploring with layers and atmospheres, more instruments and minds were needed to take the music where it needed to be. That’s when Mike Phillips came in. Mike’s guitar and backing vocals turned a green patch of land into an awe-inspiring forest of soothing harmonies, raw percussions and subtle emotional peaks.

Based in London, the band has acquired a cult following after being praised by important specialized media, such as BBC Introducing. They have played internationally, including festivals in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and UK, as well as a series of concerts and sessions presented by PYL in Mexico City, where they supported Patrick Watson and Low Roar.

In 2018 Hanging Valleys released Fortaleza, an EP so perfectly thought out it’ll make you want to drop everything and play it on repeat. Thom’s mesmerizing vocals mixed with Mike’s guitar swells combine to create unforgettable soundscapes in every song.