Ordinary People presenta: Patrick Watson

patrick watson poster 2

En la discografía de Patrick Watson puedes encontrar momentos similares a artistas que van desde Pink Floyd hasta Andrew Bird, pasando por The Beatles y Sufjan Stevens, pero al final de cuentas, ha construido un sonido tan propio que la única manera de entenderlo es escuchándolo con atención y la mente en blanco.

En su música, la profundidad sonora es tan importante como la emocional. A través del balance entre estructuras complejas y melodías hermosas, sus canciones tienen la increíble capacidad de retar los oídos al mismo tiempo que los acarician. El distintivo falsete de Watson, los instrumentos acústicos y elementos electrónicos forman una mezcla explosiva y relajante. Como un atardecer encima de un mar tranquilo.

Estamos felices de que el telonero del concierto sea el cantautor británico Thom Byles, artista de la disquera de PYL y una de las promesas más emocionantes de la escena de folk londinense. Su música tranquila, guiada por guitarras, ukuleles y una hermosa voz será perfecta para establecer el ambiente de la noche.





dont go not changin

Dont Go Not Changin es el tercer álbum del cuarteto de Kalamazoo. En palabras del vocalista de The Go Rounds, Graham Parsons, este disco es el “modesto soundtrack de cuatro mejores amigos conquistando el mundo”.

The Go Rounds

Header Go Rounds

In between Chicago and Detroit there’s a college town named Kalamazoo. In it, there’s an interestingly rich scene led by Graham Parsons and The Go Rounds. A collective that is as focused on making good music, as it is in creating a community that grows through art.

Paste Magazine called them “a band that kills cynicism” and one listen to their album ‘dont go not changin’ is enough to understand what they mean. With all the american spirit of folk, psychedelia, and blues, these guys –without a manager or fear of succumbing to the pressures of conventional adulthood– play better and deeper rock n’ roll than most of the groups that parade in the big festivals and music blogs.

In Whatever You May Be, the sound of The Go Rounds it becomes even more difficult to describe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Let’s just say it’s like a mixer that blends Roy Orbison’s sweet ballads, The Kinks’ most energetic songs, Patti Smith’s honest attitude, and David Bowie’s experimental pop.

We first met The Go Rounds when we invited them to play a concert at Foro Indie Rocks. It’s not exaggerated to say that it was one of the best indie shows of 2015 in Mexico City. By the time they left the stage, two hundred people knew that they had just witnessed something special; and we knew it was the beginning of a great collaboration.




My Empty Phantom

Header My Empty

My Empty Phantom is the main musical project of Jesse Beaman, an Austin, TX based multi-instrumentalist and composer. Using guitar, piano, drums and a series of loop and effect pedals, he creates songs that start with simple melodies and grow –layer after layer– into beautiful epic atmospheres.

As My Empty Phantom, Jesse has toured extensively across The United States, Europe and Australia. He has shared the stage with relevant artists like CocoRosie, This Will Destroy You, White Denim and Julianna Barwick. Recently he has found a second creative home in Mexico City, where he plays and records regularly.

After years of performing, earning a cult following and perfecting his sound, My Empty Phantom released his long awaited debut album Collection Of Memories Vol. 1 in 2016. Having worked in other impressive projects, such as composing music for National Geographic, Jesse doesn’t hesitate to say: “This album is my best work as an artist, period”. That’s true but it’s also an understatement. He is creating music than can dissolve thoughts and transport you to a place where there is nothing more than sound and space.