Collection Of Memories Vol. 1

“Music you can’t ignore” – Noisey

“A strikingly emotional ride” – Impose

“Can’t help but be amazed at the amount of atmospheres and emotions that one man’s music can generate” – North City Music


Header Low ROarWe first invited Low Roar to play in Mexico City back in 2015. Less than a year later, Ryan was back for two intimate acoustic concerts. And just a month after that we were in the studio recording part of his third album, Once In A Long, Long While. It was a deep musical connection and a true friendship that made things happen so fast. It still feels like a dream to be working side by side with one of our favorite artists as their label for Mexico and Latin America.

Even though the project had its origins in Reykjavik, Low Roar is way past that “Made In Iceland” label. Ryan wrote Once In A Long, Long While. moving between Warsaw, Mexico City, California, and London, where he finished recording and mixing with world renowned producer Andrew Schepps. The result was the same: Honest songs that can soothe your soul or break your heart depending on the time of day. Ultimately, it is deeply personal music that emerges, not out of an external landscape, but from within the most basic human emotions.

In 2018 we released The Sky Is Falling (B-Side). It consists of two unreleased tracks that show, once again, Low Roar’s brilliant mixture of folk, dream-pop and electronica. It was a way for the band to close a cycle, before immersing in the creation of a new album.