Lázaro Cristóbal Comala

Lázaro Cristóbal Comala was our favorite Mexican singer-songwriter even before we started working with him. His songs remind us why we fell in love with folk in the first place. It has to do with the simplicity of his melodies and the depth of his lyrics, but above all with his ability to break your heart and make you laugh all in the same verse.

From the name- inspired by the concept of the orphanage- he creates an identity that sounds of desert landscapes populated by solitude, dust storms, and thorns. That world is shaped by the magical realism of Juan Rulfo and Johnny Cash’s music, as the singing rooster from Robin Hood or everyday people from his native city, Durango. The result is stories that confront you with an inevitable reality, where the bad moments are more common (but not less important) than the good ones.

Samuel (2019) is Pedro y El Lobo first album in Spanish. It’s not that we didn’t want to, it’s just that we hadn’t found the right project, until one day, lucky enough, we heard a song called “Clara y Ancla”. Lázaro’s voice is completely from this time and place. It has Mexican humor that deals with tragedy and songs dedicated to pharmaceutical substances. The amazing thing is how he addresses universal topics with the same honesty and clarity that people talk in cantinas and bars.