Joaquín García

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Joaquin Garcia will tell you he writes pop music. To us, each verse has the feeling of a long-lost folk song, but the genre is not important. What matters is that it is brutally honest, it speaks in a truthful way, and within three minutes it has you hooked and wanting more.

In 2012, we recorded his first EP, Over The Last Few Years, as a solo acoustic show live in a garden with a quiet audience of close friends. A year later he was playing with a full band in front of 700 people, supporting Balmorhea at Lunario. He feels as comfortable in either situation because it is always his howling voice, intelligent lyrics and heartwarming delivery that connect the listener with the song.

His latest album The Riverman is Joaquin’s best work to date. It combines his raw songwriting with a thorough production and clever arrangements. Songs like “Tidal” and “Lovers” maintain a perfect balance between organic and experimental sounds. While “Open” or “Heading West” have an alt-folk and country influence with catchy melodies and clean guitars. The album was highly praised by important outlets such as Paste Magazine in the US, Noisey in Mexico, and Jornal do Brasil in Brazil.