The Go Rounds

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In between Chicago and Detroit there’s a college town named Kalamazoo. In it, there’s an interestingly rich scene led by Graham Parsons and The Go Rounds. A collective that is as focused in making good music, as it is in creating a community that grows through art.

Paste Magazine called them “a band that kills cynicism” and one listen to their album ‘dont go not changin’ is enough to understand what they mean. With all the american spirit of folk, psychedelia and blues, these guys –without a manager or fear of succumbing to the pressures of conventional adulthood– play better and deeper rock n’ roll than most of the groups that parade in the big festivals and music blogs.

We first met The Go Rounds when we invited them to play a concert at Foro Indie Rocks. It’s not exaggerated to say that it was one of the best indie shows of 2015 in Mexico City. By the time they left the stage, two hundred people knew that they had just witnessed something special; and we knew it was the beginning of a great collaboration.

The Go Rounds = Graham Parsons (guitar and vocals), Mike Savina (guitar), Drew Tyner (bass) and Adam Danis (drums).