Uneven – Joaquin Garcia



We got more than forty people sending us their clips singing Joaquin’s song. He did not know any of this was happening.

This is a collaboration that comes to show the spirit of our generation, we know nothing good can be accomplished without others. We know how to take advantage from cooperation.

Thank everyone who participated, we are sorry for the ones who were left out, but we did it for technical reasons that don’t have to do with you personally. Formats and everything.


Pedro y el Lobo

People (alphabetical):

Lucia Alonso
Fernando Alvarez
Alejandro Andrade
Enrique Bojorquez
Eduardo Dana
Pedro de Haro
Rocio Fernandez
Carola Garcia
Luis Gil
Pia Gomez
Zury Guindi
Elena Isoard
Jose Luis Isoard
Omar Kuri
Euges Landa
Javier Landa
Pablo Lanzagorta
Santiago Leboreiro
Timea Marekova
Nicolas Medina Mora
Bruno Mijares
Diego Morales
Pablo Morales
Carlos Muriel
Sebastian Perez
Diego Puig
Jose Puig
Pablo Puig
Regina Rivero Borrell
Ricardo Rojas
Francisco Rubio
Inua Rubio
Ines Saenz
Mariana Saenz
Jose Saucedo
Santiago Vaca
Javier Valdes
Natalia Vigidal
Alonso Villagomez
Alberto Viveros

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